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Junior Filmmakers founder and director, Nana Oguntola has always been passionate about the power of storytelling to change lives, and in particular, how films can be used as a force for good. 

Junior Filmmakers is a film-making program aimed at introducing young people to the skills of making films.


Young people learn to create film scripts, prepare story boards, crew and cast for their production, carry out pre-production activities and produce their films.

We create learning experiences and opportunities for young people by taking them on trips and organising lectures with industry figures.

The films produced are premiered to family, friends and colleagues at a red carpet premiere.


Junior Filmmakers started on January 3rd 2013 and we have worked with almost 2000 children in and out of schools in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire and Bedford to produce more than 100 films and hold over 50 film premieres.

the Story

When Nana heard about the murder of two young boys, aged only 17 in November of 2019, she realised that as a mother and a member of the community she had to do something about knife crime. 

As she was not in law enforcement or on the Council or any position of power, she had to consider what she as a lay person could bring to the table to fight the menace which was destroying the lives of young people in Milton Keynes.

She decided that the best thing to do was to work through Junior Filmmakers where she could combine filmmaking and young people to create a knife crime project to highlight the problem and hopefully bring about change with young people. 

This knife crime project is a result of that decision.

'I hope that teachers and young people are able to engage effectively with the content on this site and create not just an awareness of crime but a clear understanding on the devastating impact it has on lives and ultimately create a desire in young people to stay as far away from it as possible'. Nana Oguntola

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