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Film written and performed by - Charlotte Maunder, Holly Mellor, Lewis Ngure, Sumaya Asei and  Emiliano Fernando Aranda

Trainer -  Francesco Scarito, 

Music Written and Performed by - Francesco Scarito, Laura Johnson

Executive Producer - Nana Oguntola 

Funded by - L&Q

Produced by - Junior Filmmakers

Age Group - Secondary School -- 11 and above

Everything in life has consequences and all decisions we make will affect the people around us, especially actions that involve knife crime. “Butterfly Effect” explores the concept of the repercussions of actions surrounding knife crime. “Butterfly Effect” is a beautiful film that explores the concept of consequence and how the decisions we make reverberate through our lives.


This film was produced to encourage young people to make better decisions and choices.

choices have long lasting consequences. think long and hard before your act.

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