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thames valley police

Thames Valley Police is the police force which serves Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and Oxfordshire. Reducing violent crime is one of the force’s top priorities.

To report a crime, get advice or contact your local neighbourhood police team, visit their website.


Free and confidential help for young people in the UK. We are here to help you. Visit the Childline website now. Call Us For Free. Protecting Children Today. 

Milton Keynes Council
Children services

Here you will find information and contact details for each service within Children's Social Care. The Council has a statutory responsibility to make sure that children do not suffer significant harm and to promote the welfare of children in need (children who need additional support).

Milton Keynes hazard alley 

The Milton Keynes Hazard Alley is focussed on teaching young people using interactive and realistic scenarios, in order to gain confidence to make decisions to reduce risk to themselves and others. For more information or to book a session click the link below. 

Let's get talking

Let's get talking is a knife crime programme targeted towards young people to help teach them about the risks of knife crime. The programme consists of four individual lessons where young people will explore a variety of knife crime cases. 

To book a session or for more information click the link below. 

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