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Film written and Performed by - Charlotte Maunder, Holly Mellor, Lewis Ngure, Sumaya Asei and  Emiliano Fernando Aranda

Production Trainer -  Francesco Scarito, 

Music Written and Performed by - Francesco Scarito, Laura Johnson

Executive Producer - Nana Oguntola,

Funded by - L&Q

Produced by - Junior Filmmakers

Age Group - Secondary School -- 11 and above

“KNIVES AND FORGIVENESS” explores the impact of knife crime and how the idea of forgiveness and guilt is a major factor in those affected by vicious attacks. This coming of age film explores the idea of inclusivity and how prejudice and bigotry can lead young people to commit violent crimes against each other.


Two young friends decide to go for a walk but find themselves the victim of a fatal knife attack. The film follows the consequences of the attack through the eyes of the attacker as he now has to deal with the full result of what he did. Will the family forgive him for or will he be able to even forgive himself.

The consequences of knife crime reverberate long after the incident has taken place.

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