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Film Researched and Presented by - Esther Oguntola, Kaden Dixon, 

Modebare Fagbadebo and Nathan Arhin

Trainer -  Francesco Scarito, 

Music Written and Performed by - Francesco Scarito, Laura Johnson

Executive Producer - Nana Oguntola

Funded by - L&Q

Produced by - Junior Filmmakers

Age Group - Primary and Secondary School 

“Knives & Stats” is a short documentary  produced to shed light on statistics in relation to knife crime.


Local authorities and national police figures have shown that the rates are getting higher across the UK with more young people carrying knives and a growing number in fatal attacks nationwide. The question we need to answer and ask young people is  "what does anyone get out of it?" 


This short documentary report was researched and developed by the Young Filmmakers who collected the shocking figures and also delivered the worrying statistics to camera.

Although this film was produced by primary school children we believe the information in the film is useful to secondary school pupils as well. 

 each of us must do all we can to bring these numbers down.

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