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Film written and performed by

Rufaro Runyowa, Tapfuma Runyowa, Ashirai Nolond, 

and Bailey Sapphire Lynn Lewis

Directed by - Ashirai Nolond, Co-Directed - Rufaro Runyowa,

Cinematography by - Bailey Sapphire Lynn Lewis, First Assistant Camera - Tapfuma Runyowa

Trainer - Kieran Bourne, Assistant - Callum Bell, 

Executive Producer- Nana Oguntola, Funded by - Milton Keynes Council

Produced by - Junior Filmmakers

Age Group - Primary School -- 11 and below

 Rufio's brother ends up being the victim of a vicious knife attack. Rufio is then left with the question: Does he seek revenge on the perpetrators, or does he allow the police to take charge and serve justice.

Way too often young people are left traumatised after being the victim of a knife attack, a witness or by being connected to a victim. It's in this state of anger, fear and mistrust that a large number of revenge attacks occur continuing the downward spiral and adding to the climbing numbers of knife crime statistics.

The importance therefore of support structures such as family, friends and agencies cannot be over emphasised. 

There is always help when you need it. reach out to one of the agencies in this pack if you need help. 

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